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TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — Officials in north Mississippi say a dog was tortured and burned, and they are looking for the party responsible in this animal cruelty case.

According to a post by the Tunica County Humane Society on Facebook, the dog, whose name is Buddy and is from Tate County, was burned in the face and had an electrical cord tied around its neck.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Lisa Godfrey-VanNostrand told WREG Monday the dog appeared to have third and even fourth-degree burns on his face, second-degree burns in his ears, and other burns around his eyes.

He was taken to Horn Lake Animal Hospital on Thursday night and transferred to another animal hospital in Southaven. The Labrador retriever has since been taken to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Mississippi State for round the clock care.

Godfrey-VanNostrand said Buddy will likely survive his injuries thanks to the quality of care he’s receiving, but he will have scarring. He was in good spirits over the weekend, wagging his tail and eating his breakfast.

Sandy Williams, the director of the Tunica County Humane Society, said they are going to make sure Buddy is healed back to good health.

“We’re going to heal Buddy,”Williams said. “We’re going to fix Buddy, and he’s gonna go on to a good life. But we’re also going to find out who did this and they’re going to be prosecuted for this.”

There’s currently an award of $2,500 for information leading to an arrest.

If you have any information that will help lead investigators to the individuals that did this, please contact the Tate County Sheriff’s Department at 662-562-4434