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(Memphis) Sixty Memphis Police officers are training this week on juvenile retaliatory violence.

The Community Outreach Program officers volunteered to participate in the three day training with the goal of learning better communication techniques.

“They are teaching them how to identify the problems and being effective listeners, being effective communicators, hearing what the kids are saying and what their problems are with their parents and with the other kids in the street,” explained Memphis Police Chief Anthony Berryhill.

The officers are from south Memphis and Frayser where Memphis police said their data shows the most juvenile violence.

“If we can help them think about this as an emerging pattern of conflict they can get on top of it, get ahead of it, predict it and hopefully prevent it,” said Jamie Price from George Mason University.

The training was put on by a group from the Virginia school and paid for by the Department of Justice.

This is the first of three trainings. Next month officers will go through a more advanced training after applying what they have learned over the next few weeks.