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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An off-duty Memphis police officer reported his gun stolen while working at Oak Court Mall.

Princess Liggins shouted, “A cop? A cop? You had to go to a cop?”

It is tough for people like Liggins to believe, but Memphis police reported one of their officers had their gun snatched around 8:00 p.m. on Monday night.

“Somebody is real bold. Whoever the individual was had to be bold,” Liggins said.

People who live and shop in the area said the crime was bold and potentially dangerous.

Police do not know who took the service weapon and said it is still out there on the streets of Memphis.

“It’s a big deal because someone’s firearm was stolen and we don’t know what happened to it,” Hannah Pinkston, who lives nearby, said.

Police said the off-duty officer was working a “secondary job”at Dillard’s when the crime happened.

Monday night’s incident marks the third time WREG knows of someone stealing a police officer’s gun this year.

In July, someone swiped three guns and ammo from an officer’s T.A.C.T unit van in Whitehaven.

A few weeks later in June, and officer’s shotgun was taken from their cruiser in Frayser.

“The individual may be out there,” Liggins said. “There are many weapons out there.”

Just like in previous cases, police are not saying much about the crime.

The department is staying tight-lipped on exactly what happened, how it happened, and what is being done to stop it from happening again.

Police said this is an “ongoing investigation.”