Teen shot by officer responding to robbery in Osceola, Arkansas

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OSCEOLA, Ark. -- The family of a teenager shot by police is telling us their side of the story.

They say 16-year-old Zyrion Matlock was shot in the lower back Friday morning by an Osceola Police officer.

The Arkansas State Police department is investigating the case. They said Osceola officers were responding to a call about a robbery at the Shell station off I- 55 in Osceola Arkansas.

Paris Matlock, Zyrion’s older sister claims he didn’t rob anyone at the Shell Station.

The family says When officers showed up at 1:40 Friday morning he ran because a weapon was pointed at him.

“Cause it’s a gun, you see it on the news all the time a white officer with a black young guy and a gun and them don’t usually end well,” exclaimed Paris Matlock.

Osceola Police said they showed up to the gas station after receiving a robbery call. They took one teen into custody. When they tried to take Matlock into custody, they say he tried to run to a vehicle that wasn’t his and when they attempted to remove him, something went wrong and an officer shot Matlock.

For sister, Paris, the only thing her younger brother is guilty of is staying out past his curfew.

Matlock’s father, Nathan Matlock, said Zyrion was at the gas station to get a drink. He knows his son wasn’t supposed to be out, in fact even his intuition told him something was off.

“I called him on my lunch break and asked where he’s at he said he was at home. I told him stay there. He asked why. I told him I just got a bad feeling about tonight. Don’t go out. He went out. You see what happens,” he said.

Nathan said his son was not armed.

“He doesn’t even own a gun,” he explained.

Zyrion’s cousin, Courtney Talley, described him as an outgoing guy that everyone knows.

“He’s one of those people, he’ll make ya laugh. He’s one of those people who will keep you laughing like to joke around and play a lot,” said Talley.

The family does acknowledge the Osceola High junior, who plays running back for the football team, has had a few problems in the past but nothing this serious.

His father hopes his son learned a lesson.

“I think he’ll be a more obedient person,” he said.

While his sister wants the officer who fired the shot to be held accountable.

”Why did this happen? Why did you do this? We’re not supposed to be scared of the police. You’re supposed to serve and protect and we’re scared of you,” she questioned.

WREG reached out to the Osceola Police Department multiple times but have not heard back.

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