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Memphis, Tenn. — A Memphis police officer is in critical condition after a woman allegedly hit a police cruiser early Sunday morning, trapping the officer inside.

The officer has a concussion, fractured tailbone and fractured pelvis.

Cadarius Davis is facing a list of charges including: child abuse, driving under the influence, public intoxication and vehicular assault.

Cadarius Davis is charged after allegedly hitting a parked Memphis police cruiser, sending an officer to the hospital in critical condition.

Arrest records say the officer was working traffic control at Overton Park and North McLean while Memphis Light, Gas and Water crews worked to repair damages left behind by Saturday morning’s storms.

Davis allegedly drove her Chevy Equinox into the driver’s side of the police cruiser, trapping the officer inside.

Officers say Davis smelled of alcohol, was swaying, could not walk straight and was slurring her words. An empty bottle of whiskey was found on the passenger side of the vehicle.

Davis’ two children, who are two and three-years-old, were found in the back seat. They were taken to the Le Bonheur Children’s hospital but police say the children did not have any visible injuries.

A neighbor says he and his son walked outside to the scene after hearing a loud noise.

“I said I heard some noise,” Dennis Lynch explained. “He said ‘well, there’s some police cars out there.’ I said ‘Yea, I heard the sirens.’ He said ‘well, there’s 10 police cars out here already.”

Lynch says Mclean is a really busy road but despite power crews and officers being in the area, drivers continue to speed through the cleanup. “There were cars still going past here, fast, and some of them ran over the power lines that were on the streets and actually someone ran into a tree.”

Davis is expected to face a judge Monday morning.