Officer Accused of Rape May Have Used Police Database to Find Woman

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(Memphis) A Memphis Police officer is out of jail on bond after being indicted on rape and official misconduct charges.

30-year-old Aaron Reinsburg allegedly met a woman on Beale, then met up with her again later that night and raped her.

But it’s how the officer may have tracked the woman down that has people concerned.

Police officers take an oath to protect the community and to uphold the law. They have resources to do that, but when those tools play a part in a crime, it concerns a lot people.

“There are certain standards that police officers must keep,” said Sacia who is concerned about the allegations.

Reinsburg, a Memphis Police officer, allegedly used law enforcement databases to find a woman and then rape her.

“You are a public servant, here to protect the people and to use what you have to do something like that is just wrong,” Sacia said.

In January, Reinsburg met a woman on Beale St. while he was working. An indictment says the two exchanged numbers. The district attorney says he found the woman's address using police resources on his cell phone and went to her house. That's where a roommate let the officer in. The woman claims she woke to find Reinsburg raping her.

“If this truly did happen, justice has to be served for this woman,” said Sacia. “Rape is a really, really, really, ugly situation no matter who is involved.”

This isn't the first time an officer has used police resources for personal gain. Last October, Darrell Malone was accused of using a dispatch operator to get the phone number of a driver who called the police on HIM while he was driving his motorcycle erratically while off-duty.

Sacia says it's this kind of conduct that shakes people's trust in police, “This is what makes people step back and go, 'is this really why they're here’.”

No one answered the door at Reinsburg's Bartlett home on Saturday. He is out of jail on bond and suspended from the police dept. with pay while under investigation.

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