Medical secretary accused of pointing gun at patient in doctor’s office

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A now former medical office secretary is accused of pulling a gun on a patient.

Karen Newsom is charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon.

She is accused of pointing a gun in the direction of a patient she was arguing with Monday at Consolidated Health Services of Memphis.

The patient told police he feared for his life, and court records say surveillance video showed Newsrom point the pistol in the direction of the lobby where the patient was sitting.

The incident forced others to move from their seats to not be in the possible line of fire.

No one answered at an address listed for Newsom.

But we talked to James Litton, the owner of the clinic, by phone who was not at work when the incident happened.

He says Newsom had only been on the job for five days, and his shock was evident in his voice.

“You hire people and trust that they are intelligent and professional enough to do a job, especially one that deals with sick people who aren’t always in the best of moods.”

As for Newsom’s side, she told police the patient would not receive any additional pain medication due to drug test results.

That’s when she said he became irate, cussing at her.

It wasn’t until she pulled the gun that the man finally left the building.

Litton says he was led to believe Newsom’s resume would help in difficult situations.

“When I hired her, she told me that she had worked at a pain center before. She said she had been used to dealing with patients. For the most part, pain patients can be very dfficult, because people in pain don’t always think with a clear hear or say things that they mean,” he said.

Consolidated Health Services is also the same office where, just last month, a nurse practitioner was accused of writing hundreds of fraudulent prescriptions.

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