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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department said the off-duty officer involved in a deadly accident that killed two people in Cordova has been charged with vehicular homicide.

Antonio Marshall

Authorities identified the officer as Antonio Marshall, 27, and said he turned himself in Monday.

According to police, Marshall was in his Dodge Charger traveling 99 mph when it hit a Pontiac Bonneville that was pulling into traffic near the corner of Walnut Grove and Timber Creek Drive on June 25.

Police said five seconds before the crash Marshall was traveling 114 mph. The speed limit on Walnut Grove is 45 mph.

An MPD crash report states Marshall was “racing” and engaging in “aggressive driving/road rage.”

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland spoke about the tragedy and said he’s praying for the family.

“It’s just a tragic situation. My heart goes out to that family,” said Strickland.

“He ought to be held accountable in this criminal prosecution. He took two lives. We see what driving too fast does,” Strickland said.

Court records show that the impact was so severe, the Bonneville was split in two and both individuals inside — Travis Parham, 19, and Wallace Morris, 42 — were ejected. The front half of the vehicle became trapped underneath Marshall’s car and he dragged it over 214 yards.

Marshall was transported to Regional One Hospital in non-critical condition. Both victims were pronounced dead on the scene.

Marshall has been relieved of duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

Calls for accountability are coming from every level. In a year where Shelby County reports a 22% increase in fatal crashes. Elected leaders say no one is above the law.

Strickland says he’s called on MPD to hold a special hearing with HR about Marshall’s employment status.

Strickland was questioned about the timeline of the investigation and why it took so long for the off-duty officer’s name to be released.

“I asked about that and I was told that’s not that unusual, the situation,” said Strickland.

Marshall is scheduled to appear before a judge Wednesday morning.