Oak Court Mall short lines please shoppers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Malls are breaking out the deals in Memphis and shoppers taking full advantage of saving bucks for Black Friday.

“We come out on Black Friday because we can get more items for less money, so we wait for this time,” said Dana Dockery.

She turned the day into a family affair, making a trip to Oak Court Mall an annual event. She’s not looking for anything specific but some WREG talked to came to the mall on a mission.

“I got here around 6:15 just trying to get shoes that came out today,” said Christopher Greer who collects Jordans.

Friday he was after the Air Jordan 3’s True Blues. As a matter of fact, WREG found that’s the item many people were after. For Greer, the anticipation has kept him on edge.

“These are my favorite Jordans so I am glad they are releasing them on Black Friday. I can’t wait to get them.”

Many shoppers were surprised by the lack of chaos here at the mall, but they said they are happy about it because that means they can get some things check off their list and go on about their day.

“There’s no one in here. Last year, I feel like last year there were a lot more people,” said Ellie McGhee.

For those experiencing the thrill of Black Friday shopping for the first time, double the discounts minus the lines equals a winning combination.

“This is my first time Black Friday shopping and I am surprised there aren’t a lot of people here, but I’m actually happy about that too,” said Jessica Joshie.

Happy that she’ll get to rack up on the deals, while avoiding breaking the bank to do so.

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