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WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — A man is in custody after police say he beat two nursing assistants in West Memphis.

The woman were attacked at West Memphis Residential Care Facility.

“I was hollering for help,” Catherine Jackson said.

Jackson’s screams echoed along Woods Street, a long and empty road in West Memphis, early Wednesday morning.

“I went to work at 10:30,” Jackson recalled.

Jackson works at the facility as a Certified Nursing Assistant, where she takes care of mentally ill patients.

Around midnight, Jackson went outside to check on her car.

Police said a patient walked up and attacked.

“He beat me, he kicked me, he stomped me,” Jackson said. “I thought he was about to kill me.”

Jackson’s life flashed before her eyes when she was knocked to the ground.

A co-worker came outside to help, “But she was so scared.  He slapped and hit her too,” Jackson said.

Police said the worker was also brutally attacked.

According to the police report, Jackson had blood spilling from her mouth.

“He pulled me through the mud,” Jackson said.

The victim told WREG her keys fell out of her pocket.

“He grabbed my keys and took my car,” Jackson said.

The suspect wrecked the car, according to police.

Officers said the man ditched the damaged ride, carjacked another person, and took off.

“If I would have caught him first, I’d have been in jail,” Donald Boyd said.

Boyd, who is Jackson’s son, said he would have done anything to protect his now bruised and battered mother.

Law enforcement caught the suspect in Collierville.

“I’m still there helping somebody, but I didn’t know that me there helping somebody that I was going to get beat down and stomped like this,” Jackson shouted.

Officers plan to file official charges once the suspect is extradited back to West Memphis from Collierville.

“I guess this news wasn’t important enough for them,” Boyd said after contacting other local media outlets. “I called y’all and y’all got right on it.”