North Memphis schools hand out thousands of meals to students, families


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of meals were handed out to the families of students at Perea preschool, Perea Elementary and Believe Memphis Academy Thursday morning.

“We’ve been able to work with the state and the federal government to be able to provide five breakfasts and five lunches, exactly what our kids would get in school,” said Jeff Warren, director of finance and operations for Believe Memphis Academy.

Officials with the schools say they will provide the “curbside pick up” every Thursday. It’s something parents and grandparents are thankful for. 

“We’re picking up food for the kids,” said Joyce Anderson, a resident of North Memphis. “We got cereal, we got hamburger meat, we got everything, juices, milk, everything.”

Nictoria Burrow, a mother of three, said it’s hard, but she’s trying to keep herself together with her kids.

“I thank God they gave us this stuff for them to eat, lunches and breakfast,” Burrow said.

Staff members at all schools are taking no chances with COVID-19.

“We take such great pains to make sure that staff are wearing masks, wearing gloves, washing our hands every thirty minutes, using Lysol wipes and disenfecting wipes whenever they’re touching things, to make sure we keep this as clean and as safe as possible,” Warren said.

Warren says by practicing good hygiene and maintaining social distancing, staff members set an example for students, their families and the community.

“If we aren’t safe and if this event gets contaminated, then we aren’t able to provide this much needed resource and, as you’ve seen, so many people coming here today,” Warren said.


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