North Memphis neighbors concerned about hole that’s growing in the street

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People in a North Memphis neighborhood are worried about a hole that suddenly showed up on the street by their homes and keeps getting bigger. They said it’s a safety hazard for people walking and driving, especially at night.

Taleisha Barnes said she was walking with her daughter to the store on Tuesday when the hole came across her path on Maury Street.

“I didn’t see the hole and we were walking, walking, walking and boom,” said Barnes.

She said her right leg fell in and got twisted, and her 2-year-old walking next to her tried to help.

“She came and you know, she trying by trying to help get my feet out, she fell in.”

She said neighbors saw them in distress and helped them out but on Wednesday, she said they were both in pain.

She thinks she twisted her ankle and is taking her daughter to the doctor as well.

“She’s doing alright, but it’s like every time she tries to walk, she falls, she falls, she falls, like she can’t keep her balance up like she’s learning how to walk again.”

Neighbors said the hole somehow formed a few weeks ago and has kept growing ever since.

“The hole, inside is getting bigger and wider,” said Lee Edward Humphrey, whose sister lives right next to it.

He said there were sticks straight up inside it and barely sticking out — some around 6 feet tall. It’s right where cars typically park and next to Humphrey’s sister’s driveway.

“I don’t want her to back up and then the street caves in while they’re in the car or whatever and something bad happens,” said Humphrey.

Neighbors said someone put a sign over it Tuesday night after they called and complained, and on Wednesday, WREG saw an engineer come look at it soon after we reached out to the city.

“They need to get it fixed because now I’m going through pain and suffering, my child’s going through pain and suffering; it just doesn’t make no sense,” said Barnes.

The engineer WREG spoke with said they’re going to evaluate what might have caused it and then work on getting it fixed as soon as they can. They also placed a cover over it in the meantime.

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