North Memphis home shot up twice the same morning while 7-year-old is inside

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman is angry and confused after being woken up by the spray of bullets piercing her home.

Police cars sat outside of a home on Lark Road in North Memphis Thursday morning followed by what the homeowner says was a drive-by shooting. She didn’t want to show the inside of her home, but says it was damaged from what seems to be 20 gunshots.

She says she was asleep just after midnight when she heard loud pops that woke her, so she called police to investigate. But 15 minutes later, she heard more shots.

“Fifteen minutes wasn’t gone and the shots rang out again, which lets me know they have no respect for law enforcement.”

Her 7-year-old grandson was in the home with her as they tried to dodge the bullets. She doesn’t know who the person or people are that are targeting her home, but it’s a place she’s lived in for years.

“This neighborhood is all but a war zone. We had no choice, but to stay down.”

Although she would like to relocate as a safety precaution, she is not afraid to protect herself if it should happen a third time.

“We have no fear, none whatsoever, but we will, make no mistake about it, we will stand out ground.”

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