North Carolina preteen makes history as youngest graduate of cosmetology arts program


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WINSTON-SALEM, NC — A 12-year-old girl is making history in North Carolina.

She’s the youngest student in the state to graduate from a cosmetology arts program.

“I’m their baby, as they say. I love to do hair.”

Aubrianna Lash started doing hair at the tender age of five or six.

Now, after 16 weeks and 300 hours in the classroom, she can braid, corn-row, crochet and quick weave like an old pro.

“Sounds like you can just do it all. Is that true?”

“Not everything like I’m not great at everything but practice makes perfect,” she replied.

The rising 7th grader started her training in February.

After attending school during the day, she would go to her local salon for three hours in the evening and all day Saturday.

She also found time for volunteer work.

“I have friends and stuff but I’m more focused on my future and what I want to do for myself.”

“You’re 12, you know that, right? You’ve got time.”

“Yes, ma’ am,” Aubrianna said with a smile.

But her dreams don’t stop here.

She said she wants to attend Cosmetology School, get an MBA and open her own salon that will bear her name.

In a few weeks, Aubrianna will be taking the state exam to get her cosmetology license.

She said she is ready.

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