Nonprofit helping families move into better homes

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There are hundreds of organizations dedicated to helping families find financial stability, but one group has actually gotten a handful of Mid-South families into bigger and safer homes.

“It’s the best thing they could ever go for,” said Allen Duckworth, who just moved his family into a bigger house that’s in a better neighborhood, with help from NACA.

NACA takes care of the down payment, closing costs and they offer a below-market fixed rate. This allows families to make a leap that, under usual circumstances, they might not be able to.

“We focus on neighborhood stabilization and community redevelopment. So that’s really how we get it done,” NACA representative Washington Ryles said.

NACA has helped a handful of families in the Memphis area. It’s a feeling that never gets old.

“It’s a beautiful, beautiful experience. It makes your job worthwhile. We do a lot of work, and we’re very busy, but that is the satisfaction for all of the hard work,” Ryles said.

“The feeling is great. It’s awesome. The program is really helpful At first, it’s really stressful, but by the end you have everything that you wanted,” Duckworth said.

There is a process to go through. Families have to submit financial information online or at a company event. They then undergo financial counseling to ensure that they can afford to purchase and avoid future foreclosure .

The customers we talked with raved about the experience.

Families that want to apply for help can click here. There’s also a home ownership event starting Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Memphis.

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