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PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — One Mississippi school district is already making changes to its dress code for next school year.

The South Panola School District is changing its dress code to include two new rules.

The first change affects all grades: jeans or pants that show skin above the knee are not allowed. The second rule change impacts only grades 4-12. It says leggings, jeggings, palazzo pants and tights can only be worn with a shirt or blouse that comes to the mid-thigh area.

Ashley Dillon’s two children attended South Panola elementary and middle schools. She looked over the district’s new dress code Thursday, and she’s in favor of the changes.

“It’s actually pretty good,” Dillon said. “I think it will be good for the schools, I think it will be good for the parents, and I think it will be good in the long-run, too.”

Dillon said the classroom isn’t the place for certain fashion trends.

“It’s more about learning and your education … instead of what you wear,” she said.

No one at the South Panola District office would go on camera about the changes, but they instead sent an email statement, which is below.

“The South Panola School District reviews its dress code policy each year to enhance the student learning environment and address safety issues.”

The changes were announced early so parents could plan their school clothing purchases. Dillon said kids want to keep in step with current styles.

“Of course it’s going to cause a problem,” she said. “Because the kids are going to want to wear … what they want to wear.”

The complete district dress code is here.