Nine tornadoes reported following Carolina storms


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NEW YORK — The National Weather Service says at least nine tornado sightings were reported across the Carolina’s Monday night.

One of those tornadoes is believed to have flipped over planes and turned airport hangers at one airport in Hickory, North Carolina into a pile of debris.

The severe storms brought thunderstorms and heavy rain.

One woman’s apartment flooded right beneath her feet and she said her car was swept away with her in it.

Another family rode out the storm, tucked away inside their home.

“Debris was hitting the house all over, we heard a big crash.”

Amanda Pruette said when she heard the tornado warning, she and her family hid in their bathtub.

“And the sound, you couldn’t even hear yourself talk. And we were kind of yelling. It was so loud.”

About 60 miles south in Spartanburg, South Carolina, 18-wheelers were tossed like toy trucks at one auto plant.

Fire could be seen shooting from gas lines after the storm passed through.

The severe weather threat will stretch from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City and all the way up to Boston through the day. Forecasters said the storm could drop an additional one to three inches of rain in less than 12 hours.

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