Newspaper delivery driver’s car shot in Germantown

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GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A woman delivering newspapers in Germantown had her car sprayed with bullets on her route Monday morning, police said.

The woman told police she was in the area of Pangbourne Cove and Cross Village when two males in a dark burgundy sedan drove up and began asking her questions. When she drove away, they followed her north on Germantown Road.

That’s when they began shooting at her vehicle, she said. The suspects then turned west onto Stout Road.

“The wife and I came up out of a dead sleep to what we sounded like a war zone,” a resident in the area said. “Sounded like there was seven to 10 shots.”

Meanwhile, patrol officers said at 3:55 a.m., they spotted two vehicles driving at high speed on Germantown Road near Stout Road, with gunfire coming from one of them. The officer followed the vehicles before losing sight of them, as he couldn’t turn his car around fast enough.

“I mean this is too close to home, and Germantown is kind of a quiet area, and we don’t have a lot of this kind of crime,” a resident said.

The woman called 911, and she eventually came in contact with officers near West Street and Poplar Avenue.

She was not injured, but police said several bullets struck her vehicle.

So far, no arrests have been made.

“I hope they catch those guys,” a resident said. “I mean that lady could have been killed, and for what? For tossing a newspaper? C’mon.”

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