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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new company is struggling to clean up the filth in Memphis that was left behind by a company that got the boot.

On Monday, Waste Pro started picking up the recycled goods.

“This trash is literally cooking in the Memphis heat,” resident Charisse Gooden said. “You smell it. It is rotting outside of our homes, and it’s unacceptable.”

Gooden says she’s over it.

“If you’re out here, you can’t even go to the mailbox.”

No matter how neighbors on Texel Cove try to cover up their problem, the smell still stands.

The frustration over the garbage collectors not showing up for weeks in a row can’t be hidden.

“I’ve sent in pictures of maggots crawling out of my trash<” Gooden said.

She says she’s called 311 and spent hours trying to get this sorted out. But the only thing she has to show is a confirmation from the city acknowledging she reported it.

“We have seen trash trucks in the neighborhood, but for over two weeks weeks. We are on week three,” Gooden said.

She says none of them are headed her way.

“When are you going to come get the trash?”

Gooden says she thought things would get better once Inland was out and Waste Pro moved in, but there’s been nothing but silence.

“The biggest part is the lack of communication.”

The city claims there are just some kinks that are still being worked out since Waste Pro is just now getting started taking on the load.

They assured us that things will start running smoother and this trash will be gone soon.