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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With just a few hours before polls close Tuesday, Shelby County election officials are saying the day went smoothly, even with the introduction of new voting machines.

The election commission says these new machines are much faster and better. They said they’ve tested them out and trained employees, and we should be getting results more quickly.

There were reportedly some issues Tuesday morning, but Administrator of Elections Linda Phillips said most of it had to do with connecting the poll pads, which are the devices that print off the ballot application the voter signs.

When they wouldn’t print, she said they went with Plan B and put it on a piece of paper and the voter signed that. It didn’t affect the actual voting. Phillips said it wasn’t the machine’s fault.

“Almost all of that was operator error,” she said. “You had to do the set up steps in exactly the right order. If you skipped step two, it wasn’t going to work. But we got all of that ironed out by 8 o’ clock.”

Phillips said a good majority were using the ballot marking device rather than paper ballots.