New Violent Crimes Unit to provide additional resources to Memphis Police

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Homicide detectives, crime scene tape and flashing blue lights --  it's a sight we see too much.

There were four homicides this weekend. According to Memphis Police Department there have been 26 homicides so far this year. Last year at this time there were 31.

After this weekend, there are four additional families hurting thanks to violent crime.

"We just lost a cousin in November. His homicide has not been solved or anything."

To help families like Carla Ward`s, the Memphis Police Department has created a Violent Crimes Unit.

"The premise is to just put more focused investigation, more focused intelligence, more human resources on any specific case."

Major Darren Goods is heading up the unit that was created after the department saw a need with the record amount of homicides in the city last year. The new unit kicked off at the end of January. Officers from different divisions of MPD are now joining forces to help homicide detectives and tackle violent crime.

"A lot of different officers that bring different levels of investigation, different resources, different sources they have in the field," explained Goods.

The group has already met regarding the violence we saw this weekend.

"They`re already working with them, already working side by side. We just had a meeting earlier," he said.

The new unit isn`t just helping homicide detectives, they`re also assisting different precincts throughout the city.

"Where there is some type of pattern or some type of serial to it, then the Violent Crime Unit will then lend that same investigative support, same investigative resource to those bureaus."

While Ward knows combating violence wont stop overnight, she commends MPD for the work.

"Whatever programs can be initiated I`m on it," she said.


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