New Tunica manufacturing plant officially opens its doors

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ROBINSONVILLE, MISS. — Like many in Robinsonville, Glenora Woodard once worked for one of Tunica County’s famous casinos.

Now she has a different job.

“No one works without an approved, controlled document,” said Woodard.

Back in July, she was hired as a document control clerk for the brand new Feuer Powertrain Plant. She was one of 75 people employed by the company, and soon to be one of hundreds.

“A lot of people have the right attitude here, the right pioneering spirit,” said Dominic Deig, CEO of Feuer Powertrain North America.

It’s just one of the reason’s Deig set his eye on Tunica County three years ago.

They had originally planned to open in 2014, but their proximity to the Mississippi River proved the ultimate stumbling block. They weren’t counting on the soil being so soft.

“We put, as I said, 90,000 square yards of earth on it moved down of about nearly a meter.”

They managed to stabilize the earth over the course of the next year, and Wednesday, officially cut the ribbon on the plant.

They’re getting millions in tax incentives from both the state of Mississippi and Tunica County to do this, but it’s a price officials said is ultimately worth it.

“The most technologically innovative crankshaft in the world will now be manufactured in Tunica County, Mississippi and that`s a point of pride for all of Mississippians,” said Glenn McCullough.

Especially five years from now when Feuer plans on employing 300 people at the plant.

They already have some jobs they want to fill right now.

“We need experienced CNC operators mainly, maintenance, but also a lot of other jobs.”

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