New treatment Migraine available in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — About ten percent of those who get migraines are considered chronic pain sufferers.

That means they have at least 15 days of severe headaches in one month.

Nakita Smith is one of them.

She says at times the pain is so debilitating she’s missed work weeks at time.

In the past, a bad episode meant a trip to emergency or urgent care center where she was forced to wait in a loud, noisy environment.

Baptist recently opened an infusion center out east.

Chronic sufferers can get in fairly quickly, get an IV treatment of pain drugs, and be out the door in less than two hours.

“Some relief definitely, as the evening continues on more relief. If for some reason I was able to get adequate relief, I am able to come back the next day. I have had to do that on occasions early on.”

Other treatments like Botox are helping prevent migraines, it’s the first FDA approved drug for chronic sufferers.

Dr. Stephen Landy is a headache specialist, “The sad part is, it has been approved for about five years, and the vast majority of migraine sufferers haven’t received it. Actually, the vast majority of chronic migraine sufferers have never been diagnosed.”

Patients get about 30 shots every three months, which neurologists say cuts down the number of headaches in half.

You do not need a referral.

For more information, call 901-226-4910.

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