New potholes leave Memphis drivers stranded in rain

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Potholes are causing all sorts of problems for drivers in the area, but some are worse than others. One woman says she’s without a car because of the hole she hit Monday.

Cynthia Hill said there were no markings or any indication she was about to hit a pothole along Airways near Winchester. She hit it so hard, her car is badly damaged, and she’s facing a hefty repair bill.

She’s hoping the City of Memphis will foot that bill.

“My tire just went in, and I slid from that area just over here, and that’s where I was towed from,” Hill said.

It was a scary and expensive experience, especially for a woman who drives for a living and encounters potholes every day.

“They’re dangerous, for one thing,” Hill said. “They’re costly, for another, because the towing is, what, $130.”

In addition to the towing cost, Hill now has to replace a tire rod on her truck.

And Hill wasn’t the only one sidelined by a pothole Monday. Several drivers on Interstate 40 near Watkins got flat tires.

The drivers said it was because of big potholes on the road in that area. Police even had to respond to make sure everyone was OK.

Hill said she wishes the same care was shown for her situation.

“It should be marked, so nobody else will hit it,” she said. “Think about it at night or early in the morning or when it’s raining. It’s hard to see.”

Hill said she complained to the City of Memphis and Tennessee Department of Transportation.

The stretch of Airways is maintained by the city, and it appears she’s not the only one who’s had an issue. The city’s 311 site shows four complaints in the same area last month.

Hill is hoping the city will step up.

“I would like to see this pothole repaired, and I would like my truck fixed because that is my means of transportation,” Hill said.

WREG reached out to the City of Memphis, which said Hill needed to file a complaint with the city.

If you see potholes in the road, call 311 to report them.

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