Suspect identified after new mom stabbed, baby nearly kidnapped in Walls

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WALLS, Miss. — Mississippi police identified the female suspect who allegedly made a new mother believe she wanted to help her and then took the woman on a wild ride.

Her name is Belinda King Maxwell, the Walls Police Department told WREG on Thursday. A warrant has been issued for her arrest on assault and child abuse charges.

On Wednesday, WREG’s Troy Washington reported Tobyianna Hicks’ story. She said just days after giving birth to her pride and joy, she had to fight to save her baby’s life.

“I was just accepting a gift, but if I knew it was a setup,” the 17-year-old said. She says she thought a woman claiming to be her friend’s godmother was being nice when she offered her baby clothes for free.

“I trusted her too much.”

The first red flag went up when the woman showed up at Hicks’ home late.

“The first night she came at 11 p.m. She wanted me to get in the car with her, and I didn’t get in the car with her.”

The woman came back a day later just after 5 p.m. This time she grabbed the baby and started driving, leaving the young mother to trail the woman to a church in Walls, Mississippi.

“She said her brother was coming with the clothes, and he was five minutes away, but we were on the parking lot for 45 minutes.”

That’s when Hicks got worried and things went awry.

“My baby started crying, so I turned around and gave her a pacifier. When I turned back around, the long machete knife was in my side.”

Before Hicks knew it, the woman was on top of her.

“She got on top of me and stabbed me five times in my stomach. She pulled my baby by one leg and threw her on her face in the street.”

Hicks knew she was running out of time.

“She was like, ‘Come save her if you love her.’ It turned me into a beast, and I just ran up and started fighting her.”

Moments later, a fire truck passed by, but there was so much blood that they didn’t know who to believe.

“When they tried to get her information she jumped in her car and sped off.”

Making it easier to pinpoint who was the alleged attacker.
Hicks and her baby were taken to the hospital by ambulance, both have since been released.

Walls Police say they plan on working with crime stoppers to track down the woman.

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