New Mississippi law aims to protect consumers from telemarketers

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new state law set to go into effect could mean major consequences for telemarketers targeting Mississippians.

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley took to Facebook to call out companies being fined through the state’s No Call Law.

“We are continuing to crack down on illegal telemarketers and robo callers who have become predatory in nature and are harassing Mississippians. We are sending a message that we are going to name names and enforce the law against them,” he said.

The state is using the app to help Mississippians file complaints against telemarketers.

Nancy Franks can’t wait until uknown numbers stop calling her line. She says more often than not the call comes from a familiar looking number. “I mean they shouldn’t even have our number, our private cell numbers. That is why I have a cell phone.”

For her it’s irritating to say the least. “I hang up as soon as I know what it is.” She gets at least two to three calls from telemarketers a day.

Right now telemarketers can only be fined, but starting in July they’ll face a much stiffer penalty for unwanted calls. The new law says telemarketers can be sent to jail for taking from people.

“I think we need to go from imposing fines to locking people up,”

“I’ve seen people go to jail for less,”

So far the state has fined telemarketers more than $1.6 million for violating no call laws.


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