New Mississippi flag design gains support

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MISSISSIPPI ā€” Laurin Stennis’ flag design has gained so much popularity that even those who order the flag want her autograph. She matched the colors exactly to the United States flag.

“I think those are wonderful colors and the symbolism is meaningful, but also this is a strong standalone but when you pair it with the United States flag they make a handsome couple,” said Stennis.

Nineteen stars circle around a large star, which represents Mississippi as the 20th state to join the Union in 1817. The large star is called Bonnie Blue.

Stennis had some help producing the flags with Complete Flag Source. To date, well over 2,000 Stennis flags have been sold.

“A lot of the new orders are from outside the state. One was a fifth- generation Mississippian who lives in London,” said Complete Flag Source Brenda McIntyre.

Stennis believes it’s important to focus on the role of the flag.

“Is our logo doing it’s job? I would argue absolutely not because every time it comes up we fight about and we get tense.”

She says she wants people to be able to fly whatever they want privately. There are several bills filed this session for the redesign of the state flag.

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