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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new TV show is in the works that would be about Memphis and shot in Memphis, if producers have their way.

“Bluff City Law” is currently in pre-production, and a pilot is planned to be shot in Memphis. If NBC picks up the show after the pilot, the show’s producers hope to get the filming done in Memphis.

The legal drama “follows the lawyers of an elite Memphis law firm that specializes in the most controversial civil rights cases,” according to IMDb.

Memphis and Shelby County Film Commissioner Linn Sitler said filming the show in Memphis would have “a huge economic impact” for the city of Memphis.

“For a higher budgeted production with a lot of local hires, they’ll spend a lot of money at the businesses here: the hotels, the grocery stores, the construction supplies, everything like that,” Sitler said.

She said there is often a “ripple effect” when a large film production comes to a city, and people all down the line in Memphis can see some benefit from it.

“They’ll spend a fortune on rental cars, on office equipment, on food for catering,” Sitler said. “It’s a signatory to the union, so that means all the jobs are well-paid, and they have benefits.”

That’s not all of the positives filming in Memphis brings to the city. Sitler said once people become fans of the show, Memphis could see a tourism increase.

She also said the production company would have jobs open for Memphis and Shelby County residents. The production benefits if they hire locals because they qualify for film incentives from the Tennessee Entertainment Commission.

“It will incentivize 25 percent of money spent in the state of Tennessee,” Sitler said. “In other words, if they spend $100 on an allowable expense…then they’ll get 25 percent, or $25, back.”

This incentive program has been around since 1987, and Sitler said numerous production companies have taken advantage of it by filming in Tennessee.