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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A local man has a long rap sheet for committing crimes in the Mid-South, and now DNA evidence adds rape to Maurice Summerall’s list of charges.

But the case is years old, which is why his defense attorney now says the charges should be dropped.

According to police documents, two women walked into a local motel after a long day’s work.

They said two men followed them into the room and raped one of them on the bed.

Police were called, fingerprints were gathered, and fluid collected the night of the reported attack in March of 2001.

Twelve years later, Memphis Police tested it and linked it to Maurice Summerall.

On Friday, Summerall’s attorney filed a motion to throw out the charges, saying the state chose not to pursue charges for fourteen years and ignored the evidence until now.

“When you have all the proof, why wait? Why not act with due diligence, bring the charges?”

Defense Attorney Leslie Ballin isn’t representing Summerall, but said he has multiple clients in the same boat, and there are potentially hundreds more out there.

He said while he understands victims of rape deserve justice, it’s totally unfair to expect the suspects to defend themselves fourteen years later simply because police wouldn’t pay to test the evidence and act sooner.

“There’s people around to show if the individuals were around in a loving relationship,”Ballin said.

“There’s no reasonable evidence why the case rested on what they have, didn’t act on what they have,” he added.