New DNA test, app offers expecting parents a glimpse at their baby

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Meet the Holtzmans.

Doug, Audrey, and Dean.

A family of three that will soon turn into a party of four.  The couple sat down with WJW's Melissa Reid.

"We are expecting a beautiful baby girl in June, the end of June."

Married six years, three years ago they had Dean.

"Looks like me but has Doug`s coloring," said Audrey. "He`s a good combination."

"He has your personality, he`s very outgoing," added Doug.

But with each ultrasound, Audrey and Doug can`t help but wonder. What about baby number two?

"I think it`s going to be opposite now," said Doug. "Your coloring, my personality, it just makes sense that way."

Well, did you know there`s an app for that?

It`s called BabyGlimpse and it uses a couple`s DNA to show a baby`s potential traits and characteristics. The program offers some 20 different insights, from hair and eye color - all the way to things like sunlight sensitivity, food intolerances and even how much they might sleep.

"There is so much unknown when you are pregnant. And so I think a little, I know what sex my baby is and things like that, there is comfort in that," said Audrey.

So, how does it work?

First, a couple orders the kit online. Then, each partner gives a saliva sample and sends it back to Helix, BABYGlimpse`s lab partner.

From there, the science team at BABYGlimpse sequences, analyzes, and interprets the customer's DNA. Once the results are ready, the couple will be able to view them on the BABYGlimpse app on their phones.

So, what are Audrey and Doug`s results?

"So it says it all begins with you and your partner. It says mommy is south east European, and daddy is north west European. We knew that."

No surprises there.

"The hair color will most likely be brown."

But other results surprised the couple.

"Eye color is 50 percent blue. Which is crazy, I assumed she would have darker eyes," said Audrey.

"Her skin tone will most likely be light."

As for a potential sweet tooth the results said they are likely to have a cookie monster on their hands.

"Doug`s dad eats ice cream for breakfast. No surprise there. The next one says warrior vs strategist. Your off spring could be more likely to take charge."

Even the chance of being a deep or restless sleeper.

"Your combined genetics could results in a light sleeper. That`s not good. Can we take that back? I need new results."

Overall, Doug and Audrey are happy they used the app to learn more about their little girl.

"The fact that she could have, the chances of her having blue eyes is 50 percent - that is so cool. I just can`t wait to see what happens. It makes it so much more exciting to get to that point in a couple weeks when she comes out."

And when she does, if she doesn`t look or act like what the app predicted, the Holtzmans are happy either way.

"This kind of gives us a better idea, and a better guess, it`s a still a guessing game but it`s cool to have a glimpse into what it could potentially be," said Doug.

You can buy the BabyGlimpse app and DNA kit for about a hundred bucks.

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