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BARTLETT, Tenn. — New details have been released after a Bartlett dentist allegedly shot and killed a woman he’d been living with last week.

According to the arrest records, officers with the Bartlett Police Department arrived Bobby Massengill’s Glenchase Drive home just before midnight on Thursday to find Sheila Scott on the kitchen floor. She had been shot in the chest, officers said.

While administering aid, Scott reportedly confirmed that the 73-year-old Massengill had shot her. When asked if he had done it on purpose, she nodded yes.

Scott was rushed to the Regional Medical Center where she died the next day.

Several hours later, Massengill told officers the pair had been in a relationship for the past three months. On Thursday, they went to look for a car together, stopped by the grocery and then went home for dinner. After the meal, he said Scott made them a “fruity” drink and then she began working on the computer.

He stated he had a little to drink and then went to bed.

Sometime later, Massengill reportedly heard Scott smashing things in the kitchen. He grabbed a 20-gauge shotgun and “walked around the corner and shot her.”  He said he then tried to reload the weapon to shoot himself but was unable to do so.

Officers noted in their report that Massengill would not say why he shot Scott. They also stated he was “coherent” and “seemed to be in control of his faculties, did not slur or mumble.”

He was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder.

On Friday, WREG’s Stacy Jacobson was told Massengill is a local dentist with no criminal history in Shelby County. At the time, officers attributed the shooting to a domestic violence incident.

Friends said Massengill struggled with mental health problems stemming from tragic incidents in his life including his wife’s death from dementia and his brother’s death from cancer.

Neighbors also said this wasn’t the first time authorities had to come to the home.