New Details Revealed In Deadly Car Wreck

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(Eudora, MS) Jeri Smith still carries the scars of July 17, 2011, the night she lost her husband and was nearly killed herself.

“I don’t understand why justice has not been served,” says Smith.

The Smiths were riding their motorcycle in Eudora, Mississippi.

Jeri Smith says a truck coming in the other direction slammed into them, killing Greg instantly.

The man she says hit them, Adam Etlicher,  was barely injured.

He spent one night in jail and paid a $151 fine.

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“If it was me, I think I probably would have been put in jail. But he is walking around doing what he wants to do,” says Jeri Smith.

A  year after the wreck, the Smith family was still waiting on blood test results to see if Etlicher drank alcohol or did drugs that night.

The case appeared stalled when we went through official court documents in July.

That’s when News Channel 3 discovered Etlicher consented to a blood test the night of the crash, but no one knew what happened to the results.

When we started asking questions, investigators said the results were under review.

It took more than a year, but Jeri finally got the results and an answer.

“I was looking at my daughter and I was like you are not gonna believe this. You won’t believe this and we couldn’t,” she says.

There in black and white, the substances found in Etlicher’s system the night of the accident, hydrocodone and cocaine.

“To find out he was on cocaine when he hit us and killed my husband, that hurt. It hurt a lot,” says Smith.
We asked former Shelby County Medical Examiner O.C. Smith to take a look at the test.

“A mixture like this that is just unconscionable in any setting,” says Smith.
He says a person with hydrocodone and cocaine in their system has no place on the road, “It will impair your judgement, impair your perception, your reflexes. You literally cannot be under the influence of these types of drugs at both times and be considered a safe driver.”

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department now says it has turned the case over to the District Attorney and cannot comment on it.    

Jeri Smith wonders why it took more than a year to get the wheels of justice rolling, but  she is not giving up .

“If he gets away with it this time, who is  to say he won’t do it again and hit somebody else,” she says.

Records show Adam Etlicher’s license was suspended.

He was not supposed to be driving. 

He also had no insurance, which doesn’t help Jeri Smith.

She said her mounting medical bills are now close to a million dollars.

The District Attorney says he is reviewing the case to see if it will go to the grand jury.

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