TBI: Murder Suspect Threatened To Bury Brother With Holly Bobo


Zach Adams mug shot for Holly Bobo charges

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(Nashville, TN) The man charged with killing Holly Bobo reportedly threatened to kill his own brother.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has charged Zach Adams with one count of Coercion of Witness.

Adams is charged with Felony First Degree Murder and Especially Aggravated Kidnapping.

According to the TBI, Adams tried to pass a message from his Chester County jail cell to his brother’s jail cell in Obion County. Zachary Adams told a fellow inmate, who he believed was being transferred to Obion to pass it along. Instead, that inmate went to investigators.

The message was reportedly, “Tell my brother he is the one who started all this s#%t and if he don’t shut his mouth he will be in the hole beside her.”

TBI agents say Coercion of Witness is a felony charge and will not be tolerated. “We have spent countless hours. We have spent countless resources,” TBI agent Josh DeVine said.

“We have spent plenty of money investigating the disappearance of Holly Bobo,” he added. “We’re not going to stand by and let anyone interfere in our quest to get to the bottom of it. We’ll do anything to get justice for the friends and family of Holly Bobo.”

Bobo was last seen April 13, 2011, at her Decatur County, Tenn., home.

Adams was arrested at the end of February after his property was searched.

Investigators have not revealed what evidence they have against Adams, or if they have found a body.

Prosecutors say they will consider the death penalty in this case.

“We will not tolerate any kind of coercion in criminal cases,” said TBI Director Mark Gywn. “But in a case like this, which has attracted so much interest and required so many resources, rest assured we will fight hard to protect the integrity of our work, as we seek justice for the family and friends of Holly Bobo.”

Zachary Adams is scheduled to be in court for a status hearing on April 9.

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