New car stolen from Frayser mother of six during break-in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Frayser mother of six is without a car after becoming the latest victim of a brazen crime.

Keunsha Odom fought back tears as she spoke to WREG  just hours after police said a person come in her home off Glenalp around 4 a.m.

Odom said she  heard a noise in the hallway, and she thought it could have been one of her children, but she then saw a man’s shadow.

“I’m just so hurt,” Odom said wiping tears. “You’re not even safe at home, and when it’s just you and your babies.”

Moments later, she made an eerie discovery as to how the thief got inside the home.

“The window was up, like completely up,” she said. “The blinds was off the window.”

The man was gone, but also missing was her purse with her personal information inside, credit cards and her car keys to her 2004 Pontiac Grand Am which was taken from the driveway.

“I just got that car, so I could be able to get them back and forth to school,” Odom said.

The car she purchased just days ago wasn’t the only thing stolen. Peace of mind for her six children was taken too.

“I have four girls and two boys,” she said. “My oldest is 11. I don’t know if he was in there watching them or not. They took from my children. Not only me, they took from my kids. My kids don’t even want to be here.”

While Odom does feel violated, she’s thankful no one was hurt and holds out hope that she will get her car back.

“I have faith in the Lord,” she said. “He’s going to find my car. I know my purse is not gonna be in there.”

While Odom wants her car back, she also wanted to share her story to let people know to be extra careful. She said changes are being made to her home to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

If you would like to help the family you can donate here

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