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(Memphis) She’s only four weeks old and she already has the aww factor working for her.

Meet Teva, the adorable baby sea-lion at the Memphis Zoo.

We showed pictures of Teva to zoo visitors such as Kaylee Jones.

Jones said, “It looks really, really, really cute and it looks adorable and sweet.”

Teva was born June 27 and she was named after a company that makes water shoes and sandals.

Matt Thompson is the director of animal programs at the zoo.

He said her birth marks a major milestone for breeding sea lions in captivity here, “We are very excited to introduce Teva. She’s our new California sea-lion. She’s almost a month old and she’s doing great. She’s our first baby sea-lion at the zoo.”

Teva is also winning over the hearts of zoo keepers.

They say she has a playful personality that keeps her busy socializing not only with them, but her toys like a stuffed grizzly bear.

Thompson said, “She’s pushing four weeks and much like a toddler, she’s into everything. She’s very active and she did have to learn to eat from a bottle because her mother was a little sketchy about maternal care.”

Regarding Teva’s parents, Callie and Andre, they are also known for making their own history at the zoo, as well.

Thompson said, “Callie is 10. she was an orphan from the wild and the father’s name is Andre and he’s actually a survivor of Hurricane Katrina.”

As for Teva, she’s likely to make her first public appearance in a few weeks.

Thompson said, “We try to wait 30 days just so the babies can have time to acclimate to their surroundings, make sure they’re eating well and gaining weight and bonding with their mother.”

If all goes as planned, Teva will be introduced to zoo visitors such as Kaylee Mercer who look forward to not just seeing her pictures, but seeing her in person, “It’s so cute. It’s precious. I want one.”

If you can’t wait for the official public introduction of Teva, the Memphis Zoo has posted additional photos on its Facebook page.