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(Memphis) Southern Airways Express is a new airline in downtown Memphis that’s only been in operation for four months.

Officials announced Thursday they are already expanding.

CEO Stan Little said, “Our COO and I sat down one day and we said ‘Alright, let’s make a list of the things that you and I hate about traveling by air.,”

With that idea, Southern Airways Express was born. It capitalizes on the frustrations of modern-day air travel.

“You’re going to be able to walk from your car less than 50 yards in most cases to the aircraft without having to go through any TSA security hassles. You only have to get here 20 minutes before the plane departs,” said Little.

There are no TSA security lines or checks.

Those are just two delays Southern Airways avoided by choosing to fly into smaller airports like downtown Memphis’ Dewitt Spain, rather than Memphis International.

The prices for flights are $129 for shorter flights and $249 for longer ones.

“Ninety percent of our published fares are the cheapest fares in the marketplace and that’s before you take into effect the money you’re saving on bags and parking,” said Little.

Little says they find a need and try to meet it.

Southern Airways plans to cater to the business and leisure travelers. There will be special flights to SEC football games in towns like Auburn, Fayetteville and Tuscaloosa.

Currently, the hot tickets are to vacation hotspots like Destin.

That’s where Jason Polley from Germantown just returned from.

“It’s easy in and out of the airports here once you land, and they take good care of you. Everybody is really courteous, professional,” said Polley.

All flights are direct and non-stop, but its permanent routes are limited to just 10 cities for now.

Southern Airways is considering adding its first direct international flight this winter. The destination has not been announced.