Confederate groups to protest on Ole Miss campus Saturday

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OXFORD, Miss. — At least two groups plan to march in Oxford and near the campus of the University Of Mississippi this weekend.

Confederate 901 and The Hiwaymen plan to protest the removal of Confederate symbols in the university community during a Mississippi Stands Rally. The protest is scheduled to begin in Downtown Oxford around 1 p.m. and from there the group said they will march to the Confederate monument in the Grove.

In a Facebook post, the group released the following statement about why they are protesting:

“For over a decade the administration and faculty have completely disregarded and disrespected the traditions of a once great southern university. Far to long the administration has kowtowed to the minority left leaning students and basically have done everything that they have demanded. First tradition removed was the confederate battle flag at football games, then Col. Reb, then the administration starts contextualizing historical areas on campus, then they remove the voter affirmed state flag, then they tell the band they cant play the FREAKING fight song for the university!!! Now the same group that has been crying on and on still is not satisfied. THEY ARE DEMANDING THE CONFEDRATE STATUE BE TORN DOWN!! If you are fed up with this Political Correctness BS and sick and tired of this mess happening then please join us…”

According to The Daily Mississippian, students have organized a counter protest in response.  Will Pipes, the organizer of one of the counter protests, told the news organization that the groups will be separated by a “buffer zone”. He said his group has even taken measures to make sure they don’t come into physical contact with the protesters.

The university will also hold a community conversation to address the protest in the Student Union Ballroom.

The Ole Miss police chief has asked that people stay away from the rallies that are planned to begin at the Square around 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

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