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(Collierville, TN) Joe Brock is doing everything possible to fight the University of Memphis from opening a satellite campus at the former Collierville Middle School.

He says the $5-million project will bring traffic congestion and crime to the historic area.

“I’m not going to quit until the first shovel of dirt and the first brick falls from the building,” Brock says.

“Only this past year when the middle school moved, we’ve had a quiet, serene neighborhood,” he said.

Brock worries a satellite campus may bring crime to the area.

“We don’t think the college students will be doing it, but it’s the undesirables that follow them,” he said.

He’s talking about crooks trying to sell drugs, weapons and alcohol.

Collierville spokesman Mark Heuberger isn’t worried about it.

There are really no crime reports or statistics that say a facility like this is going to bring about that type of activity, said Collierville spokesman Mark Heuberger

But crime isn’t the only complaint.

Neighbors say the intersection of Poplar and Walnut is already busy enough, and the school will only make things worse.

“We just would rather keep our quiet serene neighborhood.”