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(Memphis) In New Mexico, police pulled over Bartlett mom Oriana Lee Farrell.

They clocked the mother of five going 71 in a 50 mile an hour zone.

The police officer told her to wait.

“I’ll be right back. Go ahead and turn the vehicle off for me,” the office is heard saying on the dash-cam video.

Instead, Farrell drove off setting off an unbelievable chain of events.

The officer caught up with her and was clearly not happy.

“Get out of the vehicle. Get out of the vehicle right now,” he yells.

Farrell’s former neighbors in Bartlett still can’t believe the video.

“She  should have not run from them. Do what they told her to do,” said Barbara Bennett, who lived next door to Farrell a few years ago.

It wasn’t over.

Farrell again refused to comply with police and her 14-year-old son came to her aid, fighting with the officer.

Then he and his mom got back in the truck as the officer smashed the window with his baton.

Other officers arrived as back up and opened fire trying to get the mini van to stop.

Farrell drove off, escaping police for 4 miles until finally pulling over at a hotel.

“Really surprising putting your kids in that situation, bad all the way around,” said Jason Bennett of Bartlett.

Neighbors say Farrell seemed to be a caring mother, who was often seen at the Bartlett Library with her five children, whom she home-schooled.

They remember her saying her husband was in the music industry. Her Facebook page says she was working on her own album.

On her Facebook, she also sings a rap song about drugs.

“I am so sick and tired of struggling. I never thought I’d have to resort to drug smuggling,” says Farrell.

Police say they found drug paraphernalia in Farrell’s vehicle during last month’s stop in New Mexico.

We found Farrell did get arrested for DUI, reckless driving and public intoxication in Bartlett back in 2008.

She heads up a support group for African-American home-schoolers in Memphis called Ebony Home-Schoolers, but officials at the Memphis Home Education Association say she did not register the group this year.

Right now she is charged with child abuse and fleeing, as well as possession of drug paraphernalia.

What started all of this could have been prevented.

Experts say when an officer stops you stay calm, don’t run. Don’t argue, resist or obstruct the police. Before you pull off, ask if you are free to leave.