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(Memphis) People in a South Memphis apartment complex say they were eyewitnesses to police brutality.

We’re told the handcuffed victim was crying for help, bleeding and even passed out, all at the hands of three Memphis police officers.

Witnesses say police kicked in a door to get Roger Williams out, and bloodstains on the grass shows exactly how badly he was beaten.

“He came up with his hands up. He didn’t say nothing to them! He came up with his hands up,” said Latosha Gardner, who lives in the apartment where police pulled Willams from.

“The black officer was just standing back. The three white officers were beating him. So what does that look like?” asked Francia Celstin.

“Repeatedly beating him. They busted his head. They busted his face open,” said Cordarious Pearson, who says he saw the beating through his window.

“He was saying, ‘Help me! Help me.’ He was not resisting at all and I don’t even know why they have him on a resisting charge,” said another woman.

“I was holding everybody back and I got maced in my face,” said Gardner.

Eden Point Apartments is patrolled by officers since it’s considered a dangerous complex in South Memphis.

Officers say they tried to stop Williams after seeing him pace in front of an apartment.

When they asked for ID, they say he elbowed an officer in the face and slammed another officer’s hand in the door as he ducked inside of the apartment.

We read the accusations to the crowd.

“Officer Brewer then grabbed suspect and then he elbowed him in the face,” read reporter Sabrina Hall.

“No! No!” yelled the crowd.

They say the only assault they saw was the three officers attacking a man already in handcuffs.

“He kept on saying, ‘Help me,’ and every time he said, Help me,’ the officer would punch him in the face and say, ‘Shut up’,” said Celstin.

“The ladies were screaming because we were like, ‘Why are you doing him like that?’” said Gardner.

The Memphis Police Department will not say whether they’re investigating these accusations of police brutality, but the group plans to report what they saw to internal affairs.

“Something’s got to be done about this, man,” said Pearson. “Something’s got to be done.”