Neighbors on edge after hearing stories of dogs being poisoned


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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People in Midtown and nearby Memphis neighborhoods are on edge after hearing stories of people’s dogs being purposely poisoned.

A lot of people have been posting on social media about someone feeding dogs treats that have dangerous chemicals inside of them.

Mariah Kalapu said she’s nervous about the recent talk going around Midtown.

“That’s just horrible and a lot of people in Midtown have dogs,” said Kalapu.

The reports have mainly been shared on the app “Nextdoor.”

Several people posted about finding chlorine pills in their yards and their otherwise-healthy dogs suddenly getting sick.

It’s been reported most around Midtown, Central Gardens and Cooper Young.

“They told me to keep an eye out for him, make sure he’s not around any of the dog parks or around our apartments,” said dog owner Courtney Curtis.

Curtis says her friend warned her about someone slipping animals treats with chlorine in them.

“I wouldn’t understand even why anyone would want to do that,” said Curtis.

Memphis police say only one person has filed a police report about their dog being poisoned. That happened on North Parkway last month.

Officers say the person found his German shepherd dead in the backyard with a chlorine pill nearby that may have been inside a hamburger patty.

The complainant told officers it could be possible retaliation from an old neighbor, but officers say they’ve also heard of other incidents.

There have been similar reports in the Grahamwood neighborhood on Nextdoor. One family said their dog got sick, and based off of his symptoms, they believe he was poisoned.

Detectives say the problem is not enough dog owners are reporting these incidents to police. They need victims to come forward so they can investigate and hopefully put an end to it.

WREG also called around to several vets in the area, but none of them had reports of dogs being poisoned.

Once again, if you see or hear about this happening to someone you know, you’re urged to call Memphis Police.

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