Neighbors concerned after flood waters surround Tate County house

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TATE COUNTY, Miss. — Right now it seems like rain and flooding are just the norm across the Mid-South.

Things have been particularly bad in Coldwater, Mississippi where residents fear things are only going to get worse.

People in the are definitely on edge after seeing a house that is surrounded by water.

Thankfully, neighbors tells us no one lives in the house, but they're worried this will happen to their homes if more rain comes.

The land around the house has turned into a lake.

Neighbors say it happens every time there is a lot of rain.

"It does that all of the time. The next thing you know, the road is blocked off," neighbor Bobby Vortis said.

He's talking about the part of Hill Road, and how inconvenient it is when the water gets too high for him to drive through.

"I'm turn around and go the other way, because I won't be able to make it. It's ridiculous," Vortis said.

Kevin Johnson lives right up the street from the flooded house.

I hope that doesn't happen here. I hope it doesn't get like it is down here," he said.

His house is elevated, but he's worried more rain will do him in.

"It's getting higher every time it rains," Johnson said.

Will Elon runs an auto shop across from the flooded field.

"This is nothing compared to what it has been in the past," he said.

He's been in the neighborhood since 1983 and says water has gotten withing yards of his business twice.

But it has never made it in.

"We've never seen it get higher than that. If do, we're going to be in trouble," He said, laughing.

He's confident he'll be fine.

But Johnson isn't so sure about his house, and hopes the rain doesn't return.

Tate County crews have been doing what they can.

They're out clearing storm drains and drainage ditches.


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