Neighborhoods bracing for the worst when it comes to flooding

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- As severe weather began to make it's way into the Mid-South the city of Memphis and residents prepared.

One of those areas was the Raleigh-Frayser community which has been hit hard before.

On Mountain Terrance Street in Frayser people were bracing for the worst.

Harsh rain that turned into high waters forced families from their homes on Mountain Terrace Street back in 2014.

On Tuesday, Shalonda Williams waited for the storm.

"Tonight will be the big test."

Williams' home has flooded before, in April.

"I lost a pool table, TVs, laptop," she said.

But she said a few months ago the city made repairs to the storm ditches on Mountain Terrace.

"It was a lot of noise and drilling but I was able to endure that because hopefully it will stop the flooding."

A few miles away on Windermere Road more preps were underway.

"We've hit probably about 15-20 stops today," said City of Memphis Drain Maintenance Foreman Reginald Simmons.

Simmons and his crew were busy.

Simmons said this can be one of the worst times of the year for flooding.

"The leaves start falling out the trees and they get in our water table and wind up in our storm drains and we have to clean."

The crews presence on the flood prone road was appreciated as one neighbor gave him a hug.

"Man I'm like God is good and God is great," she said.

Other neighbors welcomed the site too.

"I mean it's just ridiculous. It's always a flood over here," said Lakenya Pgues, as she watched the work be done from across the street.

Williams, who has already had to move due to flooding before, said now looking to faith as the storm passes through.

"Fingers crossed, prayers up!"

The city said you can help them out.

Make sure you don't rake your leaves into storm drains. That clogs the drain and causes flooding. They ask you take everything out in trash bags.


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