Neighbor saves 9-year-old boy from dog attack


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A nine-year-old Frayser boy survived a dog attack largely unscathed after one of his neighbors came to his aid.

David Williamson said the boy was playing with the dog Wednesday evening on Letrec Cove when things suddenly took a terrifying turn.

“He just kept running back and when he ran, he dropped on the ground, then the dog had got him and started attacking him,” said Williamson.

With the boy pinned down and the dog visibly agitated, concerned neighbors feared the worst.

“It kind of scared me, because I thought he was gonna hurt that baby,” said Geralene Catron.

That’s when Williamson stepped in.

“I was grabbing the dog back from him, telling him to run,” he said.

Police say the boy’s legs and back were covered in scratches, but there were no signs that the dog bit the boy.

Memphis Animal Services said the dog may be put up for adoption if it’s deemed to be a suitable candidate.

Neighbors say it’s the best possible outcome for a dog they say has never been previously violent.

“Leave these dogs alone. They don’t bother them, don’t bother them. That’s the best thing you can do. He don’t mess with you, don’t mess with him,” said Robert Cox.

Police say the boy was treated on the scene. They say the dog was a stray.

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