Neighbor arrested after stray bullet flies into man’s home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Hickory Hill couple narrowly escaped after a bullet flew through their apartment. Police say it came from the apartment upstairs.

There’s a staircase that divides the neighbors, but not much else.

When  a bullet landed in the couple’s bedroom, they realized just how close the two units are.

Darrius Tucker told police it was an accident. He says the gun went off as he was trying to take a bullet out of the chamber.

We knocked on the couple’s door to see if they wanted to talk. Someone answered but told us to call the lease holder for the unit.

She never returned our call.

We also knocked on Tucker’s door but didn’t get an answer.

According to the affidavit, police found three glocks, a handgun and a rifle inside of Tucker’s apartment.

They also found plenty of ammunition.

“That’s alarming actually. It makes me want to move to the county,” a neighbor said.

He says he had no idea all of this was going on so close to his apartment. “That could have been a very bad accident to wake up to.”

The neighbor says the incident makes no sense.

“It’s too much ammo for one person to have if it’s not in a collection or in a safe. When you are putting people’s life in jeopardy, that is an issue.”

The couple was able to track down the bullet that barely missed them and turned it over to police. That’s what prompted the search and ultimately led to Tucker ending behind bars.

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