Need a babysitter? There’s about to be an app for that in Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A new mobile app that connects parents to babysitters is going live in Memphis next week.

Wyndy enables parents to find, book and pay babysitters through an app. Parents can set pay rates and filter all babysitter candidates. The company says all babysitters are heavily vetted and attend a “top-tier local college.”

The app was created by two parents who wanted to solve their own problems trying to find and book reliable babysitters. It launched in Birmingham, Alabama in March, and was rolled out to Nashville and Tuscaloosa recently.

The service will go live in Memphis Nov. 15, the same day it launches in Chattanooga, Charlottesville, Virginia and Mobile, Alabama.

Parents can find the app at, or on the App Store and Google Play. Wyndy is also seeking qualified babysitter applicants.

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