Nearly a year later Marshall County rebuilds community center after tornado damage

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MARSHALL, CO. Miss. -- It's been nearly a year since destructive and deadly tornadoes ripped through the Mid-South last December.

On Monday, after months of healing an rebuilding, a small community in Marshall County, Mississippi came together. They reopened a community center that was flattened by a twister.

Huddled together to escape the wind and rain, dozens of county leaders and community members gave thanks.

"This area was actually it was devastated," explained George Zinn, a Marshall County Supervisor.

After months of hard work and perseverance, the small community of Chulahoma, outside of Holly Springs, once again has a gathering place.

"This building we're standing in was actually totally destroyed," said Zinn.

It wasn't the only one. WREG was there nearly a year ago and showed you the homes, churches, trees, all flattened by the storm. However, it didn't flatten those living in the area's spirits.

Zinn said the new building will serve as an education center for children and families.

"Kinda come together, and they can see some things happening, positive in their community. It makes them proud and gives the people something to be proud of their surroundings and their area," he said.

"I thank the Lord every day how blessed I am," said Bertha Alexander.

Alexander was at the celebration. She lost her home in the tornado. Along with her family, she hid inside while the walls were torn apart, sucked away by the storm.

"It was a train," was how she described the sound of the tornado.

She knows fully healing takes time.

"My grandson he is really devastated. Whenever it rains and stuff comes up. He gets so scared."

Alexander's home is now rebuilt and today as she celebrated with friends at the center, she said while it's been a painful road, they all have a lot to be thankful for.

"It's a blessing for us all to be here and the Lord blessed us to get back up on our feet."

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