Nearly 100 tires dumped in creek near Millington

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SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. -- Shelby County deputies need your help finding a person who unloaded a trailer full of tires into a creek near Millington.

Shelby County Public Works hidden cameras were rolling as a person backed up on a bridge on Gunn Road and chucked nearly 100 tires last week.

Now deputies are in hot pursuit of the litter bug.

Neighbors told WREG this is nothing compared to the litter they've seen.

"My kids play in this creek. It makes you wonder what they are really playing in," Kim Cummings, who lives next to Casper Creek, said.

She said it gets worse, too. People have been illegally unloading trash there for the last decade.

"Grow up. Be responsible for your actions," Cummings said.

The dumping problem stretched down the creek for a couple of miles.

We found a dump site off Sledge Road where trash, a couch, a broken TV, and mattress were just some of the things piled.

WREG first told you about the massive dumping problem in 2011 when we posted hidden cameras on Egypt Church Road in the Raleigh-Millington area catching several folks in the act.

Since then, Mayor Mark Luttrell took our idea for his blight program.

The county now posts hidden cameras in problem spots and works with deputies to catch the litter bugs.

The county constantly moves the cameras, so you never know where they may be.

We noticed the county posted signs too, but they were old, bent, and likely used for target practice.

Right now, neighbors have only one concern.

"I would like to see it cleaned up. I would like to see the ones responsible for it cleaning it up ," Cummings said.

If you recognize the person illegally dumping tires on Gunn Road, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

If you're caught illegally dumping, you will have to go to environmental court and face fines.

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