National publicity puts the spotlight on whether Sherra Wright can get a fair trial

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MEMPHIS, TN – The 48 Hours segment on Lorenzen Wright took viewers back to the beginning of Wright’s prominence as a youth basketball star to his tragic death in Memphis in 2010.

It also showed how his now ex-wife, Sherra,  went from a life partner who talked exclusively to WREG after the killing.

“Did you have anything to do with Lorenzen’s murder?” we asked her in 2010, shortly after Lorenzen’s death.

“No April, No. If I knew who did this to Lorenzen you would know who did this to Lorenzen,” Sherra replied in 2010.

Now Sherra is a prime suspect for Lorenzen’s murder and is awaiting trial with her co-defendant, Billy Turner.

Sherra’s attorney, Blake Ballin, watched the 48 Hours segment and has concerns about the questions on her guilt.

Three people interviewed were asked if they thought Sherra killed Lorenzen.  They replied yes.

“They asked a question did they think she was guilty. That’s a question that is dangerous to have out in the public.  Their opinion is irrelevant. What’s important is what the proof shows,” says Ballin

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He is concerned about the impact on a potential jury pool.

“This is the kinda thing you are gonna want to ask a potential juror, did you see this,” says Ballin.

He isn’t ruling out a request for a change of venue.

He says there are people who can vouch for Sherra’s character and will at the right time.

Prosecutors declined to comment on the 48 Hours segment saying it will have to play out in court.

Monday we found Memphians who hadn’t seen the show and didn’t know much about the Lorenzen Wright case.
People who could very well be potential jurors.

“I don’t know anything about the case. I am not even aware of it. I am sorry,” one Memphis resident told us.

But some of those who are aware have strong opinions on whether Sherra Wright can get an impartial jury to decide her fate in Lorenzen’s home town.

“They are not feeling her right now,” one person said.

“From what I have seen and the evidence, it’s pointing directly to her. I don’t think she will get a fair trial, but we will see,” said another.

“People here certainly have a point of view about him and about her and have allegiance to him because of who he is. Were it up to me and I was the judge I might take it else where frankly,” said another Memphis resident.

Sherra Wright has a bond hearing May 30th.

Blake Ballin, says they still don’t have a date for when the actual trial will start.  Investigators are still gathering evidence.

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