National Civil Rights Museum discusses historical significance of Vice-President Harris


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The inauguration of America’s first female and African American Vice-President on Wednesday is history making.

People right here in Memphis are taking notice and celebrating all it means.  When Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President of the United States Monday for many it was vision becoming reality.

“You can’t help but be optimistic. You can’t help but be hopeful,” Faith Morris, of the National Civil Rights Museum said.

Harris stepped into history becoming the first African American and first female to hold the second highest seat in the land. At the National Civil Rights Museum, where history is documented, they say this moment will be talked about for years to come because of all Kamala Harris represents.

“She represents historically Black Colleges. She represents black sororities. She represents women, and black women who have been so involved in moving things forward, you know, and sometimes too much in the background. This is an opportunity for black women to be recognized for the mighty force that they bring,” Morris said.

For Tennessee State Representative London Lamar, who supported Harris in her early campaign, Wednesday was a realization of what is possible.

“It’s a testimony that if you do the work put your education first stay grounded and be for the people, you too can make impactful change and make his history for those you represent and for this country,” Lamar said.

Now Lamar, who was the youngest woman elected to state office in Tennessee, says she looks forward to Vice President Harris getting behind issues pertaining to women.

“We can finally see more support around women’s maternal health issues around women’s healthcare issues around the issues of human trafficking, which is something that I hold dearly to my heart, as she tackled as DEA in California,” Lamar said.

Morris added, “Anything is possible. You know we have to work for it and be united and get it done. But dream big, move forward, get the work done and anything is possible.”

Kamala Harris is also a graduate of an historically black college, Howard University. Some HBCU’s around the country, also held special events today to mark her inauguration.

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